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Emotional Well-being

 Emotional and psychological well-being is innate and a universal need. This inherit need must be satisfied in order for us to function in a healthy and optimal way. View More..

Physical Health

When you’re not feeling well physically, any task can prove to be a challenge. Physical therapy is a great avenue when you want to treat your joint or muscle pain without drugs or surgery. View More..


Coaching can be available to you at the tip of your fingers...in your own home or from anywhere in the world! We offer custom packages designed o address your specific needs. View More..

Psychological Services & Holistic Health Inc

Learn From Yesterday. Change Today. Live Happier Tomorrow!


We all have our ups and downs. However, some are easier to handle than others. Psychotherapy (counseling) is an intimate and immersive experience between you and your therapist. On top of that, it’s confidential! We can help you figure out healthy solutions when you feel overwhelmed and paralyzed in your life or your relationships. This help is available for you today!

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Psychological Assessment

A comprehensive psychological evaluation is one of the best ways to determine a correct diagnosis. When a patient is misdiagnosed, the treatment will not be effective and time/money will have been wasted. Psychological evaluation is generally performed for various purposes including educational, legal and medical use. O team of experts has extensive experience providing psychological assessments to help our clients with their needs.

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Clinical Hypnosis is a therapeutic technique that allows patients to have a great degree of focus and control over their internal experiences. Hypnosis can be used to achieve rapid and long-lasting therapeutic effects in treating conditions such as test-anxiety, smoking cessation, acute pain, and simple phobias. These conditions can often be successfully treated in just 2-4 sessions.

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Your Benefits
  • Be Happy in your Relationship
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Stress
  • Have a Healthy Mind and Body
  • Live a Fulfilling Life
  • Reduce Reliance on Medication and      Substances
  • Understand And Trust Yourself
Dr. Pham, Thank you for your help last fall. You definitely helped me learn a lot about myself. I am better off now. It has and will prove valuable to me. So thankful for you.

Newport Beach
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