Family Therapy

Every family has its own unique dynamic with each member having his/her own communication style and way of relating. These patterns of communication structure and behavior are typically influenced by many factors including customs, parental belief systems/values, family members’ personalities, and life experiences.  When there are many family members with different sets of beliefs and styles of communication it tends to create conflicts within the family. At times, it can be difficult to see the good intention in each other.  Family therapy is designed to help each member become more aware of oneself and each other to foster healthy interaction. It is important to treat the problem as a whole rather than focusing on the identified problematic member because family tends to go back to what was familiar. Family therapy can help family members with the following:

-Identify conflicts and problems within the family

-Teaching family members new ways to handle conflicts to avoid repeats of family patterns

-Improve communication and resolve conflicts.

-Understanding how each family member functions

-Strengthen all family members to work together

-Help family to focus more on family as a whole rather than one identified individual.

Group Therapy
Group therapy also offers a safe environment for you to work through your issues.  It is an experience that some people prefer.  When you’re in a group setting, it can make you feel less isolated and alone in your issues and allow you a chance to practice your communication and interpersonal relationship skills with others.  You’ll have the opportunity to also connect with others who share similar struggles and learn many new perspectives from your group members.  The cost for group counseling is typically less than what you’d pay for individual therapy so it is beneficial if you are on a budget...

We currently offer Trauma Group Therapy as well as DBT Group Therapy