My Support

We’re all teachers and learners in life.   We all have something to teach and we also need to continuously be open to learning.  The My Support Forum is exactly that place.  It is a safe place where you can provide advice and support for one another with love and respect. It is where you can ask questions without the fear of negativity or judgmental comments.

Doesn’t matter what questions come up… could be about life, love, laugh, leadership, money and work, or mind and emotion matter, you are going to benefit from the collective wisdom of others.

If you have questions, there are answers.  If you need support, there is love.  If you need help, we’re here!

My Support is an exclusive membership, to ensure the quality of attention and support you’re getting, for only $19.99 a month. You’ll be thrilled to have our experts at the tip of your fingers!

***You’re also making a difference while getting the support you want.  25% of your fee is going to a charity to provide education, psychological services, job training and placement for the homeless.
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