I have thrown all of my problems and difficulties at you and expected you to find answers…which you have of course. You have always been calm and listened even when I have been difficult to listen to. I truly admire you and I commend you for who you are and your knowledge in psychology. Thank you Dr. Pham for helping me to be the best person I am today. It makes me cry to send this to you. Thank you again!


M.T., Physician

I had the opportunity and honor to experience Dr. Krysti Nguyen’s expertise in coaching on a first hand basis when I was facing a crisis, not too long ago. I was looking for someone who could connect with me at a personal level, not just professionally. I found that connection with Dr. Nguyen. She redirected me to think positive and to focus on the good things in my life rather than dwell on my broken past. Her encouragement, support, and guidance helped me to overcome the hurdles and to redefine the directions of my life. I highly recommend Dr. Nguyen. Her experience, knowledge, and likable personality will not disappoint. .

Michelle E.

I came to Dr. Pham with a huge bundle of anxiety about issues in my marriage and with my teenage children. Additionally I had several unresolved issues from my own childhood which needed to be faced. I found Dr. Pham to be outstanding in breaking these huge problems into smaller bits and giving me the tools to work through them all. I still get stressed as everyone does, but I now have the tools to manage my life and couldn’t be happier. All my relationships with family have improved as a result. I am empowered to continue working on myself…one bit at a time!.

Jim D.

I was not happy in my relationship. We were constantly fighting. We both have problems with our anger issues and it was seeping into my work. I was a stress ball. After three consults, Dr. Pham and her team helped me to deal with my work and we went from fighting every day to maybe once a month. Our fights now are much more productive than before. .

Miralee M.

I came to Dr. Pham to help me with my panic and anxiety attacks that had been bothering me for a few months. I thought they would never go away which only made the anxiety worse. Within a couple of sessions with Dr. Pham, not only were the panic attacks gone but she had figured out and pinpointed exactly what the underlying issues were, and helped me to deal with the root of my anxiety. I can never say enough good things about her. She has changed my life in such a profound way and I give her credit for all the positivity in my relationships today–as I’ve grown so much as a person with her help and her counsel. Thank you so much, I am forever grateful!!!.


Sometimes I resort to some of our sessions whenever I’m struggling. Thanks for all your help Dr. Pham..


I thank God for you. Things aren’t easy but you help me. I just can’t explain the calmness inside of me that I have when I talk to you…sometimes. My brain is not cluttered and I can think clear again. It makes life so much easier to deal with situation. The strength you give me is so much appreciated. Thank you Dr. Pham for helping me out so I can deal with things. I appreciate you..


Dr. Pham, thank you for your help last fall. You definitely helped me learn a lot about myself. I am better off now. It has and will prove valuable to me. So thankful for you..