Our Team

Shaelyn T. Pham, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist
Shaelyn T. PhamShaelyn T. Pham, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and the founder of PSHH. She has been practicing in the field of psychology for over a decade. Her areas of focus include children (ages 6+), adolescents, and adults with mood disorders (i.e., depression, bi-polar), anxiety, anger management, trauma, addictions, and personality disorders.

Dr. Pham has extensive experience providing forensic and diagnostic psychological evaluations and treating patients of all different ages, genders, and ethnicities in individual, couples, family, and group therapy. She has worked in many different settings including community agencies, schools, group homes, inpatient sobriety rehabilitation centers, psychiatric residential care, and outpatient clinics.

Dr. Pham currently serves as a Board of Psychology subject matter expert in developing the California State Licensing Examination questions for upcoming psychologists. She has served as an adjunct professor at Liberty University where she taught graduate courses in the Counseling and Family Studies Department. Dr. Pham was also a consultant for multiple Adult Day Health Care Centers and The Military and Family Life (MFLC) program by providing psychological evaluations, treatment, as well as training and supervision for other treating clinicians and the multidisciplinary teams. She has written literature on such topics as “parenting styles and its effects on the development of adolescent psychological well-being” and “methods to achieve the most effective therapeutic outcomes when working with a cross-cultural population”. She is also the bestselling author of The Joy of Me. Dr. Pham has dedicated her time to provide presentations and seminars to audiences of all ages, including professionals and the general public.

Dr. Pham completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Seattle Pacific University. She completed her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology (Marital and Family specialization) and her Doctorate Degree of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology at the California Graduate Institute. She is also a member of the American Psychological Association, Los Angeles Psychological Association, and the National Alliance of Professional Psychology Providers.

Krysti Nguyen, Ph.D.

Psychological Assistant
Krysti NguyenDr. Krysti Nguyen’s passion is to help people to become healthy and live a well balance life. This passion has inspired her to work in the field. Her goal is to provide a holistic approach to assist patients to grow and overcome blocks in their lives. She recognizes that each individual has his/her own unique struggles in life. Thus, she would apply an appropriate psychotherapy technique to help patients to achieve his/her goals. She believes in human potential and will work with patients to achieve their goals. She has worked with adolescents, youth, adults, couples, and families.

Dr. Krysti Nguyen is a Board Certified Coach on personal, talent management, leadership, and executive coach. She is also a certified obesity weight management specialist and a wellness consultant. A seminar speaker with expertise in communication, stress management, healthcare ethics, leadership, talent management, and career development; she holds certificates in leadership and healthcare organizations management from the University of Minnesota and Cornell University.

Dr. Nguyen has worked in the health care, government, and education industries. Her professional practice and research are focus on individuals who want to achieve work and life balance. Her passion is to empower students and professionals to gain knowledge to compete in the modern world and live a well-balanced life. As described by her colleague, Dr. Hess, “Dr. Krysti Nguyen is known for her collaborations in a cross-functional working environment and elevates initial ideas to workable coaching and learning solutions. She is results-oriented and possesses solid theoretical comprehension and practical application of maximizing human potential. A seasoned leader with experience in developing talent in cross-cultural environments, Dr. Nguyen finds innovative methods for improvement yet maintains genuine personal contact with those she encounters.” Dr. Nguyen holds a B.A. in Neuroscience Behavioral; M. A. in Counseling Psychology, and a Ph. D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. She is currently working as a psychological assistant under the supervision of Dr. Shaelyn Pham (PSY23509).

Soheila Hosseini, Ph.D.

Soheila HosseiniDr. Soheila Hosseini’s aspiration has always been to understand the complexity of human behavior and through which she has supported her clients to explore distinct ways to live a more satisfying and fulfilling lives.

Dr. Soheila has received extensive training in the treatment of the following disorders: bipolar disorder, depression, psychotic disorders, anxiety disorders, OCD (in particular hoarding) and substance use disorders. She provides treatment in an individual, couples, and group settings.

Her primary theoretical orientation is cognitive-behavioral and she has obtained extensive training in evidence-based treatments for mental health conditions. She provided evidence-based psychotherapy such as Exposure Response Prevention, Cognitive Processing Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and is very well skilled in their associated techniques, such as coping skills acquisition, relapse prevention, cognitive restructuring, exposure, and mindfulness.

Dr. Soheila received her BA in Clinical Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles and her PhD from the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant University.She is currently working as a psychological assistant under the supervision of Dr. Shaelyn Pham (PSY23509).

Sara Said, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist
SaraDr. Sara Said is a clinical psychologist who provides treatment, assessment, and neuro-cognitive evaluation services for diverse clientele. Dr. Said specializes in trauma – such as torture, sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse. Dr. Said ascribes to client-directed goals and treatment planning. Trained in a variety of approaches including but not limited to attachment, resilience and ego-supportive therapies, Dr. Said also takes an integrative approach to tailor interventions to best meet client’s unique needs across individual, couples, group and family modalities.

Dr. Said works actively and collaboratively with clients of all ages who enter therapy for a variety of distressing symptoms. She has worked in both inpatient and community-based settings. Her inpatient work served adolescents suffering severe and chronic trauma as a result of sexual, physical and emotional abuse. Dr. Said served as staff psychologist at the community-based Program for Torture Victims (PTV), in Los Angeles, where her work with survivors of torture included: psychological evaluation, psychotherapy, and expert testimony in LA County Immigration Court about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the impact of trauma, rape, and depression. In addition to inpatient and community-based work, Dr. Said also maintains a private practice.

Dr. Said is well versed in multicultural issues and has a keen awareness and sensitivity to diverse needs and values of minority groups. She is fluent in Tigrigna and Amharic, the respective national languages of Eritrea and Ethiopia).

Lupita Kirklin, Ph.D.

LupitaDr. Lupita L. Kirklin is a compassionate Bilingual/Bicultural English-Spanish therapist bringing 20 years of experience in the mental health profession. She works with adults, elderly, children, teens, couples and families. she helps people make important and everyday decisions, as well as adjust to the stresses and strains of life, and the emotional suffering of dealing with physical ailments. Dr. Kirklin has extensive experience in treating trauma, victims of crime, grief, depression and anxiety disorders as well autism spectrum disorders.

Dr. Kirklin has provided mental health services in private practice, government settings, and hopsitals in the United States as well in Mexico. She possessess ample experience in psychological assessments, neurocognitive evaluations and immigration evaluations. She also provides treatmenst and assessment of autism spectrum disorders and learning disabilities for school age children.

Dr. Kirklin holds a license for clinical psychologist in Mexico. She earned her second doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology with emphasis in Jungian Analysis at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara. She received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from California Lutheran University. She is currently practice under the supervision of Dr. Shaelyn Pham (PSY23509) utilizing her well trained skills in interpersonal dialogue, psychodynamic, active imagination and dream work, as well as spirituality and Christian-based therapy, and evidence-based modalities.

Mimi Shagaga, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist
MimiDr. Mimi Shagaga is a licensed psychologist specializes in psychological testing, neuropsychological assessment and psychoeducational assessment for children, adolescents and adults.

She completed her advanced training in psychological assessment and post-doctoral certification in neuropsychology at UC Berkeley. She also has extensive experience in conducting forensic evaluations and employment screening evaluation.

Dr. Mimi holds a Master’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy and a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology.  She has been featured on KABC, Psychology Today and as a panelist at several academic and mental health related conferences.