At PsychServes, we have various products to help you live healthy and happy. We look forward to helping achieving the life that you want!


Emotion Master: Master Your emotions to supercharge your life


Free from Resentment

freeDo you have any resentment in your relationships, friendships, family, and/or even towards people at your work place?

Resentment can negatively affect your energy and mood and can also create strain and tension in your relationship dynamics.

Free from Resentment is a 5 week coaching program that can help you get your relationships back on track, and transform them into healthy and happy relationships beyond what you could ever imagine.

By the end of this program you will:

  • Know your core needs and how to fulfillment them (Love, Attention, Validation, Respect, and Belonging)
  • Know what types of a giver you are
  • Be able to establish healthy boundaries and have them respected
  • Free yourself from the pressure and expectations of others

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Live Healthy & Happy: Shed Your Unwanted Baggage

healthYou are unstoppable when your mind and body are in harmony with one another. When you don’t feel well, you don’t eat well, think well or do things well. You know that you need to eat right and exercise but you might not be getting the results you want.

We have a group of experts who will help you achieve a healthy and happy life. You’ll know exactly how to nurture your mind for positive thinking, what nutrition you need to put in your body, and also get rid of that chunky waistline that has been bothering you.

Healthy Mind-Body Connection is a one day bootcamp where you’ll get training and teaching from Dr. Shaelyn Pham, America’s leading psychologist and best-selling author of The Joy of Me; Dr. Amy Lee, board certified in Internal Medicine, Medical Nutrition and Obesity Medicine. We also have top notch yoga instructor and physical trainer to get you get that tight and tone body.

For less than the price of one visit to the doctor or trainer, you will be able to:

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