We all have our ups and downs. However, some are easier to handle than others. Psychotherapy (counseling) is an intimate and immersive experience between you and your therapist. On top of that, it’s confidential! We can help you

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Psychological Assessment

A comprehensive psychological evaluation is one of the best ways to determine a correct diagnosis. When a patient is misdiagnosed, the treatment will not be effective and time/money will have been wasted. Psychological evaluation is generally

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Coaching is the process of supporting an individual to achieve specific personal or professional goals. Coaching sessions last between 30 minutes to an hour in a safe and relaxed environment. It can be done confidentially over

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concept of human communication

At PSHH, we understand that navigating through life in this world of brokenness is not the easiest thing.  You’re here today perhaps because your journey through life has been filled with anger, pain, depression, anxiety, resentment, disappointments, etc. and have felt there is no place to turn to or anyone to talk to for fear of judgment.  You may have been fortunate enough to have friends or family that is willing to help; unfortunately, they may not know where to start or fully understand what you are going through. You might have even gotten professional help before without effective and lasting results. We want you to know that our team of skilled clinicians at PSHH strives to create an environment where you can feel safe to unload all of the suffering you have been carrying around and are able to resolve your struggles.

Dr. Pham and her experienced team of experts utilize cutting-edged, proven techniques, and evidence-based treatment approaches to help you with your obstacles. That said we’re interested beyond treating your “diagnosis.”  We want to help you more than merely teaching you to cope with what you’re going through.  We believe in the interconnectedness of emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual to your “whole” well-being. We’re committed to developing a deep emotional understanding and healthy relationship with you to help you work through challenges in your life.  We want to help you find solutions to your issues, peace of mind, purpose in life, and to build meaningful relationships with self and others. We want you to live and thrive, not just survive.

We’re here to help you through this journey of self-discovery, understanding, amazement, and transformation to live a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life.



I thank God for you. Things aren’t easy but you help me. I just can’t explain the calmness inside of me that I have when I talk to you…sometimes. My brain is not cluttered …


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