Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessments are probably the most underused intervention for psychological treatment. As a matter of fact, a comprehensive psychological evaluation is one of the best ways to determine a correct diagnosis.  When a patient is misdiagnosed, the treatment will not be effective and time/money will have been wasted.  Psychological evaluation is generally performed only by a licensed psychologist for various purposes including educational, legal and medical use. At PSHH, our team of experts has extensive experience providing psychological assessments to help our clients with their needs.

Psychodiagnostic:A comprehensive psychodiagnostic evaluation is conducted when an individual would like to know more about issues that they are struggling with, learn about how problems may have originated or developed, and to explore targeted treatment options. This type of assessment will provide a comprehensive clinical picture that helps the person to have a better understanding of themselves and their interpersonal relationship. It also helps by providing a guide map for a treating clinician to formulate a treatment plan without wasting any time and money.

ForensicForensic evaluation and assessments are often used in legal settings to document a wide variety of psychologically relevant information, including (but not limited to) work-related injury, fitness for duty, custody, evaluation of malingering and deception, employment discrimination and harassment.

PSHH’s team of psychologists provides evaluations in the area of fitness for duty, personal injury, workers’ compensation, child custody, and law enforcement qualifications.  We work closely with you, your lawyer, and/or other professionals in your case to ensure that the assessment conducted will address your specific needs.

PsychoeducationalThis type of evaluation is conducted for children, adolescents, and sometimes adults to identify academic, emotional, and behavioral strengths and weaknesses. Different assessment procedures are used depending upon the referral questions and presenting problems. The goal of these evaluations is to determine the appropriate help needed and to improve specific areas of functioning.

A full array of psychological tests can be laborious; however they can provide a complete picture of an individual.  They can help parents and school personnel in developing a curriculum or knowing what steps need to be taken to help the child/adolescent to be more successful. Additionally, they can also help adults secure accommodation for certain standardized tests..